Turkey: SFL Turkey International Conference
Nov 30, 2019
Students for Liberty is back with the third edition of its award-winning Turkey International Conference! In this day-long event, we will discuss various topics such as international trade, free-market solutions to environmental issues and economic development without government intervention. Our insightful speaker line-up will argue that freedom is a solution to global challenges and an...
Slovakia: The Road from Serfdom
Dec 07, 2019
Pozývame vás na tohtoročnú konferenciu Slovak Students For Liberty, ktorá ponesie titul Cesta z nevoľníctva!  7. decembra sa bude na FSEV UK konať študentská konferencia venujúca sa tématike 30. výročia Nežnej revolúcie. Pripomenieme si význam Nežnej revolúcie, zločiny komunizmu a pozrieme sa na to, kam sme sa ako Slovensko za 30 rokov dostali a kam...
Israel: BeeFreeCon
Jan 02, 2020
BeFreeCon, Israel’s annual conference, will focus this year on several of SFL’s campaigns: End the Drug War, #GenerationFree, and Freedom Tech. We’ll host panels and lectures around these subjects, in which will participate Members of Parliament, activists, and professional experts.  The event will also include a lecture by SFL’s own Chrtistopher Barnard, who will discuss...
Macedonia: Introduction to Libertarianism
Feb 08, 2020
The purpose of the conference is to present Libertarianism to the participants, with topics such as “What it means to be a Libertarian?”, “Libertarianism through Art” and “Students For Liberty – Mission, Vision, Values”,’ as well as “Prohibition and Propaganda” through a short movie. This Liberty 101 class in live will be in Macedonian so...
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