Macedonia: Introduction to Libertarianism

The purpose of the conference is to present Libertarianism to the participants, with topics such as “What it means to be a Libertarian?”, “Libertarianism through Art” and “Students For Liberty – Mission, Vision, Values”,’ as well as “Prohibition and Propaganda” through a short movie. This Liberty 101 class in live will be in Macedonian so the participants can have a better understanding of Liberty and our organization, Students For Liberty. 


Kevin Flanagan Coombes (European Programs Director at SFL) – “Students For Liberty – Mission, Vision, Values”

Kevin holds a Bachelor Degree in Law and Society and he holds a Masters in Politics, Philosophy and Economics next semester. He has a particular interest in legal philosophy, societal reform, and justice. Driven by his belief that a freer more just world is possible, he has been actively involved in the promotion of personal freedom since 2009 having founded Ireland’s first pro-freedom forum. Upon graduating he founded the Brehon Law Academy, has given talks, written articles and developed an online course as a means to teach others about early Irish law, mythology and culture; a topic he is almost as passionate about as he is for spreading freedom.

Professor D-r Goran Ilik (dean of the Faculty of Law at UKLO, Bitola) – “What is libertarianism?”.

Graduated from the Law Faculty „Iustinianus Primus” within the University “Sts. Cyril and Methodius” – Skopje. From the previous mentioned University, he received the scientific degree “Magister in political science (MA)” and a few years later, he became a “Doctor in political science (PhD)”, after the successful defense of Doctoral Thesis: “International power of the European Union in ideologization of the New World Order”. In his own scientific work he has published many scientific papers, and he is also an Author of the book: „Europe at the Crossroads: The Treaty of Lisbon as a basis of European Union international identity”.

Professor D-r Bosko Karadzov – “Symbols of libertarianism” and “Anarchy, minarchy, liberty, utopia”.

Professor Bosko Karadzov has completed his MA and PhD thesis at the “Faculty of Philosophy” in the “University “Sts. Cyril and Methodius”, in the field of contemporary epistemology and sociology of knowledge. His scientific research focuses on the epistemological difficulties and formal restrictions on attempts for logical codification of quantified scientific statements and postmodern social constructivism of scientific knowledge. Also, scientific research projects in the field of philosophy, sociology, political philosophy, aesthetics and cultural studies (pop-culture and comic books history). He’s been active as a school teacher, educator, and teaching assistant during the past several years. Currently he has been involved in teaching epistemology of social sciences and humanities.

Igor Trpcheski (actor, screenwriter, poet) – “Libertarianism through art”. 

Igor Trpcheski is a famous Macedonian actor, screenwriter and poet. He has been active in the arts for over 20 years, and has been starring in numerous theatre plays, TV show performances, hosting numerous events, and has written many of the scripts for the theatre plays. He is also a poet, and organizes the “Poetry Slam Macedonia” competitions every year. 

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  • Start Date
    2020-02-08 11:00
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    2020-02-08 16:00
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    Hotel Teatar, Stiv Naumov 35, Bitola 7000, Macedonia