Israel: BeeFreeCon

BeFreeCon, Israel’s annual conference, will focus this year on several of SFL’s campaigns: End the Drug War, #GenerationFree, and Freedom Tech. We’ll host panels and lectures around these subjects, in which will participate Members of Parliament, activists, and professional experts. 

The event will also include a lecture by SFL’s own Chrtistopher Barnard, who will discuss free-market environmentalism and his British Conservation Alliance. 


  • Gilad Alper: Liberal economist, now serving member of the Economic Council that advises Israel’s Finance Minister.
  • Sharren Haskel: Member of Israel Parliament, Likud Party.
  • Ricky Maman: Policy researcher at the Kohelet Forum, and founder of “The Next Generation” organization for choice in education.
  • Libby Molad: Lawyer and activist in the field of Education, fellow of the Ayn Rand Center Israel.
  • Zack Harvey: CEO of Lammasu Bitcoin ATMs, cryptography and cypherpunk activist.
  • Avishay Ella: Founder of the liberal group at YASA high school in Jerusalem.
  • Yaron Lerman: Member of the Israeli Freedom Movement, candidate for Parliament as part of the “Green Leaf” party, activists and promoters of Cannabis legislation.
  • Terry Kibbe: CEO at Free the People.
  • Matt Kibbe: COO and President at Free the People.
  • Christopher Barnard: Member of SFL UK, and founder of the British Conservation Alliance, promoters of free-market environmentalism.


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Event Details
  • Start Date
    2020-01-02 10:00
  • End Date
    2020-01-02 19:00
  • Category
  • Address
    ZOA TEL AVIV, Daniel Frisch Street 1, Tel Aviv 64735