France: Laissez Passer!

Les Affranchis – Students for Liberty France will host a day of conferences dedicated to tackle border issues. Immigration, climate change, identity, democracy, space conquest, free trade will be addressed by 16 different speakers. 



Speranta Dumitru: Lecturer in political science

Dorian Guinard: Lecturer in public law

Maya Lino: Lawyer specialist in Inmigration Law

Ekrame Boubtane: Economist and visiting researcher at PSE

Pascal Salin: Economist and Professor Emeritus at Paris-Dauphine

Lucie Pélissier: Co-director of the series Les déplacés climatiques and coordinator of Youth on the Move (CliMates)

Charlotte Blondel: Student Lawyer and co-founder of Youth on the Move

Emmanuel Combe: Vice President of the Competition Authority

Jean-Marc Daniel: Economist and Professor Emeritus at ESCP Europe

Ferghane Azihari: Journalist and researcher at IREF

Erik Tegner: President of Racines d’Avenir

Christian Michel: Entrepreneur and essayist

Pierre Brisson: Economist, President and Founder of Mars Society in Switzerland

Alban Guyomarch: Student at European Centre for Space Law

François Spiero: Head of Strategic Foresight, CNES

Event Details
  • Start Date
    2019-10-05 9:30
  • End Date
    2019-10-05 18:30
  • Category
  • Address
    La Base, 31, Rue Bichat 75010 Paris