The 2015 Wroclaw Experience

17 Wroclaw

The 2015 Wroclaw Experience

Wroclaw Regional Conference was a highly anticipated moment. The city held the first ever European Students For Liberty event and not the last for sure. There were 180 participants that stayed at the University of Wroclaw from the beginning to the end of the conference. It all started with an introduction of all the organizers, after that the stage was taken over by all of speakers. Each of them gave a great performance, that was rewarded by cheers.

Every break was filled with conversations on the topics discussed during the event. The atmosphere was amazing and the whole building of Faculty of Law, Administration and Economy was filled with people who care about liberty or wanted to hear or talk about it. The attendees throughout the day were friendly to each other, smiling for all the time, they did take some pictures with each other’s and with the speakers.

The Regional Conference in Wroclaw was the biggest event held at the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economy this year. The auditorium was full for almost all the time and the final two speeches were so exciting that some of the audience needed to stand to be a part of this fest.

After the event, there was still a lot of people that wanted to speak with ESFL members, speakers and other spectators about the topic discussed on this day and further meetings with liberty organized by ESFL. Wroclaw Regional Conference can be considered as a great success, as we could see progress in number of participants and media attendance.

Polish members of ESFL will build its position and reputation on this great introduction to the bigger audience, as interest in further events the organization is extremely high, not only from students, but from all sorts of people. Changing the city for a conference was also a good decision, as ESFL in Poland could reach new people, who have never attended our events before.


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