The 2015 Thessaloniki Experience

16 Thessaloniki

The 2015 Thessaloniki Experience

ESFL Greece has successfully hosted our very first Regional Conference at Thessaloniki. On Nov 21, more than 250 students from Greece and other nearby countries have attended our conference with various speakers from all over the world.

The topic of the conference was the economical crisis Greece and Europe are facing.

Speakers have adressed the following issues:

  • Is Grexit a solution?
  • How we can save Europe?
  • Bitcoin vs Euro?
  • Why Europe protects the big state?
  • Which is the liberal proposal and how we can transform Greece?

Pieter Cleppe director for Open Europe has given a great speech regarding Euro crisis, Greece and crypto currencies. He has received several questions from our crowd.

Our honored speaker was professor who addressed mainly to our more mature crowd with the following speech.

“Freedom matters… everywhere (and in Greece, too!)!”. Other speakers from abroad were Christian Michel (Can you do business without dirtying your hands) and Fernández Federico who was really amazing comparing the crisis in Argentina with the one in Greece.

It was a long a conference of around 8 hours. Several Greek academicians, business owners and think tanks representatives had the chance to speak to our students covering topics like LGBT rights, Political Communication workshops, immigration and refugee crisis.

At the end Antypas Karipoglou one of the most important leaders of Greek libertatian parties has addressed the issue “The future of Greek Liberal Movement”.

– Nikos Kostopoulos


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