The 2015 Lviv Experience

19 Lviv

The 2015 Lviv Experience

In Lviv on November 28, the first European Students For Liberty Conference (ESFL) at Lviv city conference hall. The conference was attended by more than 250 students, with seven outstanding lecturers who held a series of interesting lectures on the theme of liberty and open borders.

The first speech was given by Clemens Schneider and it was about “Beyound borders – why nations fail?”. After that lecture was held by Ilia Mishvildishvili, who spoke about the “Role of the Government” based on georgian experience.

And next was panel discussion about “Opportunities to open borders via study programs abroad” by: Matthew Kwasiborski, Damian Polok, Damian Jamroz. This discussion gave a lot of interesting questions from the students.

After lunch, keynote speech was held by Christian Michel with a great topic “Should we obey the laws of our country?”

Next, we had Yaёl Ossowski with a lecture about “Media and Peace” which had a big interest, because of the current aggression with Russian propaganda to Ukraine.

Then, Frederik Cyrus Roeder gave a lecture about “Healthcare privatization” , which very important for future of Ukrainian reforms.

And finally, we had group discussion “ESFL Ukraine” by Coordiantors: Vladyslav Y. Tiulchenko, Mykhailo Lavrovskyi, Anastasiia Yasyr, Yaroslav Aleyev, Oleg Sirenko. They presented future of ESFL movement in Ukraine.

During the conference, “ESFL Ukraine” gave “Why Liberty” and “Peace, Love & Liberty” books and each participant was given and ESFL promotional materials.

What has marked the ESFL regional conference in Lviv, despite the good atmosphere is incredible media attention for the event. And of course huge impact on the students, who already becoming a part of the movement.

– Vladyslav Y. Tiulchenko


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