2014 Milan RC was a great experience to share with new and old friends. Lively debates, insightful speeches and very diverse ones indeed. One of the few conferences I have been where members of the same panel shared different opinions on the same topic. To me that is a discussion you do not want to miss!

Meda Hoxha

I’ve never encountered so many bright, passionate and intellectually challenging young people in one spot at any other occasion. If you want to get a feeling for just how vibrant the ideas of liberty are, make sure not to miss these conferences!

Daniel Issing

I’ve attended several of ESFL’s conferences and would eagerly recommend them to anyone. They bring together the brightest and most passionate young minds to stand united in pursuit of a freer and more prosperous world. You’ll leave both academically and professionally inspired, and with new friends and contacts from all over the world.

Rok Novak

The conference I attended was in Stockholm and had really interesting speakers there. It was definitely not my last SFL conference! I could not think of better way to spend my weekend than in this which is both edifying and entertaining.

Anders Amdal Taftø

I simply love these conferences! The atmosphere is always stimulating and makes me think about things from another perspective.

Lourens von Kirchberg

I have attended only one SFL conference so far, but it was incredibly inspiring to see so many students gather at one place to discuss the ideas that matter. I enjoyed countless meaningful conversations and met amazing people!

Tina Köstler